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Shannon Boxx (2)
Country: USA
Sport: Football
Events: n/a
Best Finish: Gold 2008 Olympics
Olympics: 2004, 2008
Nickname: Boxxy


Home: Rodondo Beach, CA
Birthday: 6/29/1977
Position: Midfielder – Jersey Number 7
Height: 5-8 (1.73 m)
Born: June 29, 1977, in Fontana, California
College: Notre Dame

Shannon Boxx is an established female football player and has played for the United States National Team since 2003. She plays midfield and has appeared (caps) in 136 international matches and scored 21 goals. She played in every match at both the 2004 (1 goal) and 2008 Olympics. In addition to her career with the U.S. National Team, Shannon has played in Women’s Professional Soccer.
Shannon Boxx is the current captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team and was recently called up to compete in the USA's match against Germany on May 22 at Cleveland Browns Stadium.
Her sister, Gillian, also won a gold medal in the Olympics as part of the 1996 softball team.

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Favorite meal is mom's homemade chili.
Favorite non-soccer athlete is Michael Jordan.
Always tries to eat banana pancakes the morning before a game.
Loves stale Peeps.

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