The Royal Mint has issued a number of coins co commemorate the Summer Olympics in London. These include both circulated and un-circulated coins.

The London 2012 sports collection Edit

Royal Mint 50p coins

The London 2012 sports collection

The London 2012 sports collection is a series of 29 different 50p coins issued since Autumn 2010. Each coin represents one of the olympic and paralympic sports.

These coins are being released into circulation and can be collected over the course of the next 2 years leading up to the Olympics. The Royal Mint also offers the complete set for purchase early, although at a premium price.

UK Countdown to London coinsEdit

Royal Mint Countdown to London coins

UK Countdown to London coins

The Countdown to London set is a collection of four coins, one issued each year, starting in 2009 and ending in 2012. The coins have a face value of £5, and feature the olypic logo and one olympic sport (different for each year).

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