<plb_layout val_1="'''Michael Fred Phelps''', is an international swimming sensation, who has a long list of gold medals and awed the world at the 2008 Beijing Olympics by winning a record 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. Those 8 medals added to his 6 gold and 2 bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics bring his total Olympic medal count to 16. Overall, he has won a total of 57 medals (48 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze) on the international stage at the FINA World Aquatics Championships, the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, and the Olympics. A natural born simmer, Phelps has uniquely long arm span and large feet relative to his body size help him propel through the water. Phelps is expected to compete in the 2012 Olympics and is hoping to drop the 400 m individual medley from his events line up and add a new event in its place. " val_2="" val_3="" val_4="" val_5="" val_6="Michael Phelps" val_7="Michael_Phelps_Head.jpg" val_8="USA" val_9="Aquatics – Swimming" val_10="butterfly, freestyle, individual medley, relays" val_11="8 Golds at 2008 Olympics " val_12="See competition results" val_13="2004, 2008" val_14="MP and The Baltimore Bullet" val_15="Michael Phelps Head.jpg" layout_id="2218"></plb_layout>

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