Most noteworthy for sports such as the [Marathon] (one of the original Olympic sports) and the 100 m race, Athletics is the general sport category that encompasses the track, field, road, and combined events at the Olympics.

Olympic Related

2012 Olympic Trials

The U.S. Olympic Trials for Athletics will be held by the sport. Please see [Trials] to learn more or contact the National Governing Body for the Sport.


Olympic Schedule

Friday 3 August – Saturday 11 August; Marathon: Sunday 5 and Sunday 12 August; Race Walk: Saturday 4 and Saturday 11 August. See [Schedule] for more details.


2012 Venues

All Athletic events will be are contested in, or are finished in the [Olympic Stadium].


2012 Medals Awarded

In 2012 men will compete in 24 sports in the Athletic category and women compete in all except the Decathlon making a total of 23 different sports. In total gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in 47 sports, making a total of 141 medals to be awarded in Athletics in 2012.


2012 Athlete Spotlight (link to 2008 medalists)


2012 Coach Spotlight


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2012 Uniforms


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